Cassandra Peterson

by Legal Fingers

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We recorded this song with no real plans for it, which is odd considering we actually did have plans for tracks that are yet to be released. With Halloween upon us and me finally having the files, I figured I'd do a quick mix/master of this one just for fun.

"Cassandra Peterson" was recorded by Matt Hohmann partially in the practice space we all shared at the time and partially at the all ages venue we all helped out with. Anything that sounds good is probably his doing in the recording and non-final mixdown and anything that sounds bad is probably my fault.

Micah Shreiber recorded the first half of the solo before it was even thought of that he would join the band. I was way out of ideas and this was the first time of several he saved my ass in such a situation.

Speaking of being out of ideas, I ripped off the "It's just the way we stay alive" chorus from Turbonegro, who probably stole it from Alice Cooper or something. The lyrics "Come on / baby, let's get it on" is probably the least effort I've ever put into anything, just Bad Company levels of not giving a shit. Musically, I was really into Electric Frankenstein and New Bomb Turks at the time, but couldn't pull off the loose, dangerous elements.

All in all, this song is 100% a "b-side" sounding song that doesn't fit with what we had done or what would go on to do. Thinking of it retrospectively, it's a fun little tune. Who am I to ask for more?


Hit the party like electric sex
Sticking out like the bolts in my neck
Whole hog
Baby, they call it "macabre"

Dead man, they call me the best
Met a girl with a graveyard chest
"As if!"
Baby, you fuckin' wish

It's just the way we stay alive

Tombstone in a velvet loft
Black dress that she's slipping off
Get tight
She only comes out at night

Six feet and I'm feeling deep
Gross ghouls and zombie creeps
It ain't just in your head

It's just the way we stay alive

In the dark, baby, you're the queen
If you love it, gotta let it scream
Come on
Baby, let's get it on

It's just the way we stay alive


released October 30, 2016

Guitars: Werner
Drums: Jeags
Bass: Handsome Dave

Guest 1/2 solo: Micah

Recorded my Matt Hohmann and tweaked/ruined by Werner.



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